When you sign up with Shoperb, there is one main theme to start from that can be adjusted for you needs. This theme includes colors, emplacement of product blocks, different fonts and many other features that can be added or replaced in the theme editor.

We are also open for developers who would like to develop themes for their customers. More info here: https://shoperb.dev/

How to install a theme?

Go to "Navigation" and then to "Themes":

On top in the right corner you can see a button. If you slide it left, the theme is not unenabled, if you slide it right, it become enabled and goes green, which means "published".

Click "Customize" and start designing your store in Twins.

If you click "Preview" you can see the design template.

Design your Front page they way you like it in Theme Editor.

Few examples of Twins design:

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