In this following article we will describe you in detail how to add pages to your online store.

  1. First step, let's add pages:

From under "Navigation" you can find "Pages".
Click "Add New Page" you would need to see on your online store.

Add a "Name" of your page.

How to make your page visible to clients?

At first your page is “Draft” state. You need push "Status" to published state (if you push it on the right, the Status will go green, which means "Published"). This is for adding the page to the menu and make it visible to clients.

How to add pages to menus?

Add the page to the menu. Think about where would you like to display the page: in header or footer?

2. Second step, choose navigation and add pages to your menu under "Menus":

Lets take example "Header" and click "New Link" (upper right corner) add, for example, 4 links under there (Home, Blog, About Us, Products):

3. Enter your Link details:

Link Name - as you want to do be shown for your clients

Link Parent - if you want to make page as a sub-menu.

Link Type - which type of page you want to refer to. In this case “Page”.

Entity Name - choose which page you want to establish. For example, if you have a Page or Collection, then you need to define which entity name it is.

The new page will automatically appear on your header menu at homepage.

How to edit your page?

You can change your page any time you need.

  1. Choose “Navigation” → “Pages”

  2. Click "Edit" on the page you want to change.

  3. Make changes you need. Add Collections, Products, Text - whatever you wish.

5. Click "Save".
4. If you would like to un-publish the page, choose "Settings" by choosing draft (push the Status left).

5. Click “Save”

How to delete a page?

  1. Choose “Navigation” → “Pages

  2. Click on page you want to delete.

  3. Click “Delete” (only if you are sure you want to permanently delete a page, you can hide it by choosing draft for later publishing)

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