If your end goal is to increase revenue online,  we would definitely recommend your online store to be also seen on social media. Facebook is a good way to bring up your attraction. When you have already created a Facebook Page, another goal for you online store would be creating a Facebook Store. Follow these step how and why exactly to do it.

Firstly create a Catalog on Facebook for your Facebook store. Go to Catalog Manager, select Create Catalog. Choose the catalog type for your products:

  • E-commerce

  • Travel

  • Real Estate

  • Auto

Note: Also when creating a catalog, do not forget to choose “Check Out on Another Website”, so your customers can go directly to your online store. Also this is very important later if you want to use Instagram product tagging feature.

How to add products and connect your eCommerce store with Facebook Store?

There are two ways to add products in to your catalog:

  • Add items yourself on Facebook by selecting Upload Product Info (which can be longer process - more info in here)

  • Or you can integrate your products through Shoperb eCommerce platform (which would be more time saving!)

 Under the Settings and Integrations find Facebook store:

When you click Configure, it shows a link where you have to click to connect Shoperb and your Facebook accounts.

Followed by next 3 easy steps:

  • Authenticate in Shoperb

  • Authenticate in Facebook

  • Add store to Facebook page

Find all the steps described here:


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