Have you ever wondered why some pages have better results than others? Magic word for that is SEO.

SEO is as easy as it gets with an eCommerce platform Shoperb. You can edit your SEO under general and product settings. Change the URL, Meta title and Meta Description and add product tags. Stick to your brand tone and use your primary keywords.  

Why you should use SEO keywords? It will bring out your online store on Google and will also make your products more visible.

Coupons and discounts

Make your page more attractive to your buyers by creating unlimited coupons and discounts. This can be easily found under “Discounts” section. Shoperb’s user interface allows you to configure how many times a coupon code can be used, how long it is valid for and so on.

Discounts could potentially attract more buyers. For instance, for 40€ purchase shipping is for free! What an excellent way to create conversion. 

Or one more example to attract the customers is by giving them a coupon after their purchase so it will bring them back to make another purchase or they’ll offer it to a friend. You can also buy a gift card for your friend which can be used for another purchases.

Let’s talk more about discounts. Under the discounts when you click on “New Discount”, you can create discounts in many different ways. 

Discount Applies to

 So, let’s dive in. When choosing the discount name and code, there is also an option to generate the code. Determine where the discount applies to. It helps you to create more specific discounts. Choose between:

Discount Type

You can also choose the discount type such as fixed price, percentage or free shipping. If you want to create a discount with a specific amount then choose the fixed price. 

Percentage is good if you want to add a specific percentage discount to the purchase. The last but not least opinion is free shipping, which is good when you just want to offer free shipping with the purchase.You can also choose specific regions that are good if you only want it to be added in specific countries. With every discount type, there is an option minimum purchase amount which lets you determine what is the minimum cost to get the discount.

Discount Duration

Discount Duration lets you add a start and end date but it can also be created without the expiration date. Plus you can pick the timing when exactly the discount starts and ends.

In the end, choose the number of uses the discount can be used. Don’t forget to limit the number of discount uses or some people will have a privilege to use your discount code number of times. You can limit the total number of uses and/or a number of uses per customer. All the discounts are divided into different categories to make the overview easier.

And all this is already on Shoperb's platform. No plugins needed.

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